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At I Love Reading, we love to partner with families to share the reading journey. ILR @ Home is designed to support both the Kindy and School learning experience as children make connections with their world and move from 'Learning to Read' to 'Reading to Learn'; fostering a love for reading along the way.

ILR @ Home supports children and families by providing literacy activities, games and fun for home. ILR brings creative and critical thinking into learning, fosters skills to begin your child's literacy journey and helps children adapt to our ever-changing world.

Making connections ... laying the foundations ... preparing children for their future!

E2xksplo17ri3ng​ng Sou19ndsz

Hearing the sounds ...

Saying the sounds ...

Exploring the sounds ...

Consolidating the sounds ...

to help build foundational reading skills.

De7cko9da22bl22e Rea7der13sz

A constantly expanding library of decodable readers at varying levels. 


We2b A22da1ptor13

The ability to convert any website to phonetically coded text.  This allows early readers to access more complex texts than they would otherwise be able, AND also allows them to read in their areas of interest. Let them find out more about ... surfing, creating, dancing, building etc.

Ha1ndwri8ti3ng​ng A1ppp, ga6mesz, fu5n a1nd more17 ...

A link to a fun app to support the formation of sounds, plus a rapidly growing bank of activities and games to make learning fun.

Th+e22 ILR Chka1ra3ckter22sz

Helping to boost academic, social and emotional learning, ILR uses 4 of its key characters to develop, not just academic skills; but, elements of creative and critical thinking, social and emotional skills as children journey with learning.

The characters help make learning FUN!


Ckury 21ir 7ou22s Ckly8de

Curious Clyde always searches for clues and shares what he discovers.

Go9phfer5 Gree7n

Gopher Green solves problems creatively.

Snea7ky7 Sa1m

Sneaky Sam mixes things up to check your understanding.

Mi3sss Qukwo4kka5

Miss Quokka never quits!